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Search Engine Optimization Services

Farmington NM & Durango CO

“Is SEO really that important to your small business?”

"I hate to say it but I was still skeptical after our meeting, just because I was burned before. Spent a lot of money for no reults. Stephanie and her team made me a 'believer' within 3 weeks! Our phone volume more than doubled after 2 weeks! We served 42 more customers this month than we normally do. For our industry, this is phenominal. So glad My Partner offers the 'no compete' in our area. We highly recommend this company."  

N. Barker

Has SEO become a bad word in your book? We know you get calls almost daily from marketers (who barely speak your language) who try to convince you that they can put you on the first page of Google or promise you the top position - yes, we know how it goes. We also know that many small business owners have spent their hard earned money on these programs and never saw a return on the investment.


WE ARE DIFFERENT! WE GUARANTEE RESULTS! SEO is not just the simple application of key words. There are many 'spokes on the wheel' that make this service effective. If any of the spokes are missing, or out of date, the results will fail. We have fine tuned our skill of applying ALL of the spokes to the wheel that will put your show on the road. We are the most effective and diligent Small Business SEO in Farmington and Durango. 

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Your Web Presence is the most critical part of your on-line marketing. The Cyber Market is a giant popularity contest - and we know how to engineer your popularity. We made no mistake in saying we can 'engineer' it. We have implemented strategies aggressive enough that our clients have asked us to 'dial it back'... they are now overwhelmed.

Contact us today for your private consultation, and find out how we plan to optimize your Farmington or Durango Website and Business for the top search engine results. Get a detailed analysis of your website and web presence - we'll even show you some practical ways that will make your phone ring and your inbox fill up.

Fill out the form below or call us today to visit about the ways we can help you to make MORE money! 

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