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Internet Marketing is very complex

There are so many things that go into the success or failure of an online business. There are several 'spokes on the wheel' so to speak. If you skip or miss a spoke, it can greatly impact your success. That is why I created My Partner, cyber consulting and internet marketing to help Business Owners navigate these unfamiliar waters.   



Internet Marketing is a large scale popularity contest. Yes popularity in the cyber world, meaning, who is getting noticed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL etc. It means being 'liked' in social spaces such as Facebook, Google Reviews, YouTube, Yelp and more.


When your business is showing up to all of the 'on-line parties' (so-to-speak) then you become more popular, and if you are considered popular, your business begins to show up in prominant positions in cyber space (1st page position on Google, Yahoo etc). 'On-line parties' are more easily described as RESULTS. Yes, Search engine results that show up on smart phones, tablets and computers.


Showing up at all of the biggest parties is KEY to cyber success.   All of this can be engineered by My Partner. We are cyber strategist that specialize in the 'engineering' of popularity to boost your exposure to customer opportunities and deliberately place you in the regions you wish to serve.. 

Deligate this important  work to US,

and get back to what you do best!


We are the most unique website design company in Durango, Colorado. We do not do webpage design, collect a fee and send you on your way. We are drastically different in our approach to business relations because we STAY IN THE GAME. We do website design, SEO services (make that website popular) and Local Lead Generation - making your phone ring more. When it does, we BOTH profit because we are partners. This means we are mutually interested in your continued success. We are not interested in creating unproductive websites that are not seen.  





Stephanie Sheek


| Small Business Owner

| Devoted Mother & Wife

I spent the last 25 years serving Small Businesses in Colorado & New Mexico. I supported these business owners in many different roles - Sales, Management, Marketing, Customer Retention and the pursuit of more business! I watched many of these small businesses struggle to maintain a steady stream of new clientele and cashflow. I was intimately involved in the growth and success of many business over the last 25 years, so I am keenly aware of the needs a business owner experiences at the various stages of growth. I enjoy collaboration. I enjoy business. I enjoy watching businesses grow knowing that my contribution was significant.


March of 2004 was where my journey began. I completed my first website build and expected magic to happen as soon as it went live ... I quickly learned that there was A LOT MORE TO THE INTERNET than just having a website - it needs to get SEEN! So I started diving in to Search Engine Optimization. That was a long complex journey but one worth taking for sure! SEO works, its just SLOW... Then In 2015 my natural drive to learn and apply new concepts brought me into contact with 2 internet marketing moguls who lead what I call "the most powerful Digital Underground Marketing Network" in the world. My direct connection with them, their systems, training and mentoring has turned me into an internet marketing ENGINEER. The skills, systems and strategies that I have learned and applied over the past few years have consistently produced results that can only be called DELIBERATE.


It is my wish to bring this powerful work to businesses who have hopes of growing and reaching farther with their products, services or mission. Together I expect to succeed and prosper.  


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Consulting  & Marketing





Farmington, New Mexico

Durango, Colorado

*Please note that we support Farmington & Durango's local businesses by meeting to discuss your ideas in the local eateries, coffee joints and even brew houses. We keep our overhead low by being home based. We'll meet you anywhere!

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