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Simple, Effective Web Design Packages

Keeping it Simple for Start-ups & Small Businesses

Are you a Small Business Owner with a modest Budget? Are you Shocked by Big agency Website Design Cost? Do you need an Affordable Web Design Service? 


Congratulations! You belong here, where:

  • Your Small Businesses matters

  • Your Business grows in Affordable Phases

  • You Get Big Agency Work at Small Agency Prices

  • You Get Quality Website Development on Easy Terms

  • You can Add SEO or Google Ads (if you want to)

  • Purchase a Responsive Website or Rent-to-Own

  • No Pressure, No Hassles, No Surprises


You just found an independent Freelance Web Designer to build you an affordable yet effective website that doesn't look CHEAP or CLUNKY. Now you can Rent-to-Own a Personalized website!


What's the Catch? the Criteria? the Commitment? the Cost?: 

FIRST: I don’t work for everyone: I do not specialize in e-commerce or shopping sites: I do not serve the ‘adult entertainment’ industry: I do not serve the cannabis industry. I can do great things for service based businesses in the US. I love the underdog...

SECOND: You must have a sense of humor and patience, this is not an overnight adventure, and yes my website design service costs money. My websites are Affordable, not Free.

THIRD: You must be eligible for my program. It takes less than 3 minutes to fill out the eligibility application. Are you ready? Fill out the Application below. 

Thank You!

Why choose me for your Business Website Design?

  • My (small) agency is a very unique website design company. We do NOT do website design, collect a fee and send you on your way. We are drastically different in our approach to business relations because we STAY IN THE GAME. We do website design - make that website popular - and make your phone ring more. When it does, we BOTH profit because we are partners.

  • Our business model keeps us mutually interested in your continued success. We are not interested in creating unproductive websites that are not seen. We are interested in long term mutually beneficial relationships ('partners'). We believe that small business owners appreciate this structure. It keeps us ALL interested in success.

  • We speak YOUR language, create Real Life results that are noticeable in your bank account. When you engage with us, we become ‘partners’ with mutual incentive to succeed in the gathering of more business, more customers and MORE MONEY! If we are not able to accomplish that for you within 90-120 days from the day your site goes live, we will refund your money - GUARANTEED.

  • We operate with the philosophy that as long as we are applying consistent effort to attract more customers to your business, you will just naturally WANT to continue working together. If you make money, we make money. We are so confident that we will make you money, we GUARANTEE our work! 

Who am I? What can I do for your Small Business?

American Website Designer for your Small Business

I am Stephanie, Born in the USA: Devoted to Small Business Growth since 2004

I work for a 'Big Agency' that allows us to have side hustles: I pick YOU!

I speak English (lol): You will understand every word I speak

I understand Business: It all has to pencil out and profit matters

Made in America: Your site will be just like baseball & hotdogs

I specialize in website development for small businesses and start-ups on a budget. I am an American Freelance Web Developer who is dedicated to helping the UnderDog get their share of the market. I understand that you are on a budget, but have big dreams - I can work with that! Since I am a small web design company, I can keep my rates modest and comfortable. My website design prices are budget friendly, so that even Mom and Pop business owners can have a sexy website with great functionality, just like their competition.

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